2N2222 Datasheet NPN switching transistors - NXP Semiconductors Complement to Type 2N2907, Inchange Semiconductor Company Limite 2N2222A http://onsemi.com 3 IC, COLLECTOR CURRENT (mA) h FE, DC CURRENT GAIN 400 0.1 1 10 100 Figure 1. DC Current Gain 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 150°C −55°C. Introduction to 2N2222. 2N2222 is the most common NPN bipolar junction transistor available in the market. It can be used for amplification of analog signals as well as switching applications. The major functional area of 2N-2222 is enclosed in TO-18 package. It is most common in the market due to the cost efficiency and the smaller size NPN switching transistors, 2N2222 datasheet, 2N2222 circuit, 2N2222 data sheet : PHILIPS, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and.

2N2222 NPN Transistor Introduction. 2N2222 provides a continuous dc collector current is 800mA. It means it has a high collector therefore it is mostly used in that circuits where low to medium current is required. It works on a high transition frequency value 250MHz with delay time 10ns, rise time 25ms, storage time 225ms, and fall time 60ms 2N2222 − 60 V 2N2222A − 75 V VCEO collector-emitter voltage open base 2N2222 − 30 V 2N2222A − 40 V VEBO emitter-base voltage open collector 2N2222 − 5V 2N2222A − 6V ICcollector current (DC) − 800 mA ICM peak collector current − 800 mA IBM peak base current − 200 mA Ptot total power dissipation Tamb ≤25 °C − 500 mW Tcase. 2N2222 Low Power Bipolar Transistors Page 2 06/04/06 V1.0 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C unless specified otherwise) Description Symbol 2N2222 Unit Collector Emitter Voltage VCEO 30 Collector Base Voltage CBO 60V Emitter Base Voltage VEBO 5 Collector Current Continuous IC 800 mA Power Dissipation at Ta = 25°C Derate above 25° to−92 (to−226) case 29−11 issue am date 09 mar 2007 styles on page 2 notes: 1. dimensioning and tolerancing per ansi y14.5m, 1982. 2. controlling dimension: inch

Description: Electronic projects with 2n2222 Transistor or BC547 Transistor-BC547 NPN Transistor is of the most popular Bipolar Junction Transistors.So many amazing electronic projects can be built using this transistor. Recently some electronic projects got viral which were completely based on the BC547 Transistor.In this article, we will develop the same electronic projects using the most. Order today, ships today. 2N2222 - Bipolar (BJT) Transistor NPN 30 V 600 mA 250MHz 500 mW Through Hole TO-18 from STMicroelectronics. Pricing and Availability on millions of electronic components from Digi-Key Electronics

2n2222 2n2222a to-18.pdf Size:232K _mcc MCC2N2222Micro Commercial ComponentsTM20736 Marilla Street ChatsworthMicro Commercial ComponentsCA 913112N2222APhone: (818) 701-4933Fax: (818) 701-4939Features High current (max.800mA) Low voltage (max.40V) NPN Switching Lead Free Finish/RoHS Compliant(Note 1) (P Suffix designates TransistorsRoHS Compliant The 2N2222 is a common NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT) used for general purpose low-power amplifying or switching applications. It is designed for low to medium current, low power, medium voltage, and can operate at moderately high speeds. It was originally made in the TO-18 metal package

2n2222 هو ترانزستور من نوع زوجي الأقطاب (npn) ، يستعمل في تطبيقات التضخيم أو التحكم منخفضة القدرة، وهو مصمم من أجل تيار منخفض إلى متوسط بقدرة منخفضة، وفولتية متوسطة. صنع في الأصل وفق التعليب المعدني to-18 كما في الصورة 2N2222 is the most common NPN bipolar junction transistor available in the market. Same as PN2222, it can be used for amplification of analog signals as well as switching applications. For most purposes, they are interchangeable In this video i am going to show you how to use a 2n2222 transistor as a switch.Using a GPIO as an output on arduino has 2 main limits, you can only work wit.. 2N2222 is an NPN transistor, which means it has a single P doped layer embedded between two N doped layers. It's a Bipolar junction transistor abbreviated as BJT. It has three terminals named as: Emitter. Collector. Base. It's a current controlled transistor. It has a Collector current of 800 mA. Power Dissipation of 2N2222 is 500mW 2N2222 Fiches technique (PDF) - NXP Semiconductors. No de pièce. 2N2222. Télécharger. 2N2222 Click to view. Taille du fichier. 53.43 Kbytes. Page

2N2222 is also one of the widely used transistor in commercial appliances, educational and hobby projects. The transistor contains some of the best feature in its little package. For example the collector current of the transistor is 600mA that is quite good to use it as a switch to drive many loads at a time in an electronic circuit Order today, ships today. 2N2222 - Bipolar (BJT) Transistor NPN 30 V 800 mA - 500 mW Through Hole TO-18 from onsemi. Pricing and Availability on millions of electronic components from Digi-Key Electronics Boca Semiconductor Corporation. 16. 2N2222 A. Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose. Central Semiconductor. 17. 2N2222 A. 0.500W General Purpose NPN Metal Can Transistor. 40V Vceo, 0.800A Ic, 40 hFE. Continental Device India Limited

トランジスタというものの使い方を調べてみる(「2N2222 - 331」 と書いてある)直流スイッチ用途. 2020年5月10日 2020年5月13日 電子工作 hFE, スイッチ, トランジスタ, 使い方. 今回は、トランジスタというものを使ってみたいンゴねぇ. 物理スイッチの代わりに. The 2N2222 from Multicomp Pro is a through hole, low power bipolar transistor in TO-18 metal can package. This NPN silicon planar switching transistor is used for switching, linear DC power supply and VHF amplifier applications. Collector emitter breakdown voltage is 30V at IC = 10mA, IB = 0. Continuous collector current (Ic) of 800mA 2n2222 is an NPN bipolar junction transistor. Importantly, its uses are for analog frequency amplification and switching applications. The 2n2222 transistor amplifies signals by receiving an analog signal through the collectors, and the base gets another call. This analog frequency could be a human voice 2004 Jan 16 2 NXP Semiconductors Product data sheet NPN switching transistor MMBT2222A FEATURES •High current (max. 600 mA) •Low voltage (max. 40 V) 2N2222 Rev. G .Aug.-2018 DATA SHEET http://www.fsbrec.com 1 / 6 TO-92 塑封封装 NPN 半导体三极管

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Download 2N2222 datasheet from Continental Device India Limited: pdf 128 kb : NPN small signal general purpose amplifier & switch. Others with the same file for datasheet: 2N1613, 2N2218, 2N2218A, 2N2219, 2N2219A: Download 2N2222 datasheet from Fairchild Semiconductor: pdf 384 kb : TO-18 Metal Can Transistors: Download 2N2222 datasheet fro Show activity on this post. Assuming the 2N2222 is good, and the MCU gnd === the emitter voltage, and assuming the MCU output goes to 0.0 volts, that circuit should work. Lets diagnose a bit. Make the base resistor about 1,000 ohms. That puts a (good) transistor well into saturation when MCU output is near 3.3v The 2N2222A transistor is a common NPN BJT & it is mainly used in the applications of switching & amplifying with less power. This transistor is mainly designed for low power, low to medium current, medium voltage & works at fairly high speeds. In the 2N2222 NPN transistor, a single P-doped layer is embedded among two N-doped layers 2N2222 is also one of the widely used transistor in commercial appliances, educational and hobby projects. The transistor contains some of the best feature in its little package. For example the collector current of the transistor is 600mA that is quite good to use it as a switch to drive many loads at a time in an electronic circuit

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The 2N2222 is a general purpose bipolar junction NPN transistor. It is commonly used for low power amplifying or switching. This transistor is actually designed for low as well as medium voltage and current values. However it works on moderately high values. Originally it was made in TO casing or package as shown here 2n2218-2n2219-2n2221-2n2222.pdf Size:71K _st. 2N2218-2N22192N2221-2N2222HIGH-SPEED SWITCHESDESCRIPTIONThe 2N2218, 2N2219, 2N2221 and 2N2222 are sili-con planar epitaxial NPN transistors in JedecTO-39 (for 2N2218 and 2N2219) and in JedecTO-18 (for 2N2221 and 2N2222) metal cases 2n2222晶体管的功能部分是一种npn-bjt结构。2n2222晶体管由锗或硅制成,在一个叫做掺杂的过程中,锗或硅被正或负变化的材料饱和。2n2222有一个正电荷部分夹在两个负电荷部分之间。这三个部分之间的两个连接部分是2n2222派生出双极结晶体管名称的地方 2N2222 NPN Transistor. The transistor 2N2222 is a general purpose NPN transistor. It is a widely used BJT for general purposes such as switching or low power amplification. The construction of the transistor allows it to be used for applications that require low power operation with moderately high speeds

2N2222, BC107, BC108 and BC109 NPN Transistor Pinout. Alternatively a PN2222 or KSP2222 transistor in a plastic TO-92 package can be used: PN2222 and KSP2222 NPN Transistor Pinout. Books that may interest you: Building the Circuit Insert the 470uF Electrolytic Capacitor (C1 2N2222 : 800mA, 30V, NPN General Purpose Bipolar Transistor (AA Enabled) 2N2222 : 800mA, 30V, NPN General Purpose Switching Transistor. 2N2222A : 800mA, 40V, NPN Bipolar Low Medium Voltage Transistors (AA Enabled) 2N2222A/ZTX : 800mA, 40V, NPN Bipolar Switching Transistor. 2N222 طريقة عمل الترانزستور . أنواع الترانزستور . ترانزستور التقاطع (n-p-n) . ترانزستور تقاطع (p-n-p) . ترانزستور التأثير الميداني (FET) . ترانزستور ثنائ I am using the following 2N2222 model for the transistor that I obtained from the LTspice standard BJT library. The PN2222A transistor is a less expensive version of the original 2N2222, but is considered equivalent except for pinouts and when operated under extreme conditions Daftar persamaan transistor 2N2222. Ada beberapa transistor yang sejenis dan memiliki fitur karakteristik yang sama dengan transistor 2N2222. Kita dapat menggunakan beberapa contoh transistor pengganti 2N2222 yang ada dibawah ini. Namun harus diperhatikan posisi susunan kaki transistor pengganti ketika pemasangan pada rangkaian, karena belum.

Specifications for the 2N2222. Part Name. 2N2222. Manufacturer. ON Semiconductor. Formats Available for. Symbols and Footprints. Altium, Eagle, KiCAD, Cadence OrCad/Allegro, PADS, DxDesigner, PCB123, Pulsonix, Proteus. We could not find inventory or pricing across major distributors for the 2N2222 by Onsemi 2N2222 Fiches technique, PDF. Numéro de pièce trouvée : Résultats correspondant à & commançant par le terme sont 2N2222 - Totale : 148 ( 1/8 Page) Fabricant. No de pièce

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  1. 2n2222 disti # 2n2222 Central Semiconductor Corp Trans GP BJT NPN 30V 800mA 3-Pin TO-18 Box - Boxed Product (Development Kits) (Alt: 2N2222) RoHS: Not Complian
  2. 2N2222) and are called the transistor characteristics. This module is devoted to the design of a transistor amplifier and this involves choosing the values of five resistors and three capacitors. Also, you will measure and calculate the amplifier voltage gain g=Vout 'Vin where Vin is the input AC voltage and Vout is the output AC voltage
  3. P2N2222A http://onsemi.com 2 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted) Characteristic Symbol Min Max Unit OFF CHARACTERISTICS Collector−Emitter.

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  1. 拍明提供全面的2N2222中文资料、数据手册、Datasheet、PDF资料、历史手册、参考设计、产品特点等信息内容查询下载,为您的采购2N2222提供全面的参考
  2. e sahiptir.. 2N Transistör Serisinde yer alan 2N2222 Transistörün fonksiyonlarını ve işlevlerini daha detaylı görebilmek için mutlaka bu transistörün datasheetini inceleyin
  3. El 2N2222, también identificado como PN2222, es un transistor bipolar NPN de baja potencia de uso general. Sirve tanto para aplicaciones de amplificación como de conmutación. Puede amplificar pequeñas corrientes a tensiones pequeñas o medias; por lo tanto, sólo puede tratar potencias bajas (no mayores de medio Watts). Puede trabajar a frecuencias medianamente altas
  4. El 2N2222 NPN es un dispositivo electrónico de estado solido de unión bipolar BJT por sus siglas en inglés (Bipolar Junction Transistor) que utiliza las propiedades del silicio para amplificar señales de voltaje o corriente. Este transistor es de tipo NPN, formado por dos capas de material tipo N, separadas por otra de tipo P
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  6. ©2018 Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC Rev. 2, November 2018 PN2222 NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted Electrical Characteristics Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted * Pulse Test: Pulse Width≤300µs, Duty Cycle≤2

PN2222A / MMBT2222A / PZT2222A — NPN General Purpose Amplifier © 2010 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation www.fairchildsemi.com PN2222A / MMBT2222A / PZT2222A Rev. 2N2222 is an NPN bipolar junction transistor commonly used for low power amplification and switching.It has three terminals namely emitter, base, and collector. It is designed for low to medium current, low power, medium voltage, and can operate at moderately high speeds LM324 ATMEGA128 2N2222 PC817 LM339 LM741 MAX232 Transistor Diode Capacitor Displays Connectors Sensor Wenn Sie es hier nicht finden können, ist es schwer, es sonst irgendwo auf der Welt zu finden. ALLDATASHEET ist die größte Online Datenblatt-Suchmaschine für elektronische Bauteile. - Enthält über. Hello all, I quick question here. for driving a relay from the Arduino m168 chip - a transistor such as 2N2222 can be used, OR a MOSFET such as the BS170 can be used - is there a real advantage of one over the other? The relays I'm talking about are small 5vdc to 12 vdc relays with max of <100mA coil current Thanks for any insight, Ken H> لص الطاقة (بالإنجليزية: Joule Thief)‏ هي أبسط دوائر رفع الجهد المستمر، تستخدم عادةً في تشغيل الأحمال الصغيرة حيث تقوم بسحب كل الطاقة في البطارية وتكبير جهدها في مخرج الدارة حتى تفرغ بشكل كامل خلافاً لدارات اخرى تسحب حتى.

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LM324 ATMEGA128 2N2222 PC817 LM339 LM741 MAX232 Transistor Diode Capacitor Displays Connectors Sensor 如果您在这里搜索不到,那么无论在世界上的哪个地方,都会找不到。 ALLDATASHEET 是最大的在线电子元件数据的搜索引擎。. Transistor 2N2222 NPN 40V 0.6A TO-92, 2N2222 là gì, thông số kỹ thuật, sơ đồ chân, thay thế tương đương, cách sử dụng, nơi sử dụng, datasheet Gửi yêu cầu Tư vấn: 0979.466.469 / 0938.128.290 Email: cskh@dientutuonglai.co 2n2221 pdf技术资料下载 2n2221 供应信息 npn 2n2221 - 2n2221a 2n2222 - 2n2222a 电气特性 tc = 25° c除非另有说明 符号 i cbo 评级 集电极截止 当前 发射极截止 当前 集电极截止 当前 集电极发射极 击穿 电压(*) 集电极和基 击穿 电压 发射基地 击穿 电压 v cb = 50 v i e = 0 v cb = 60 v i e = 0 测试条件(s ) t j = 25°c t j.

2n2222 mmbt2222a(印字1p)贴片三极管sot-23【100只3元】17元/ Answer (1 of 3): 2N2222 is the most common and excellent substitute for BC547. It has all similar characteristics including pin to pin compatibility and other major electrical characteristics as evident from the datasheets of the transistors. [1] [2] The only minor changes are in the input and.

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2N2222 参数 Datasheet PDF下载. 型号:. 2N2222. PDF下载:. 下载PDF文件 查看货源. 内容描述:. NPN开关晶体管 [NPN Switching Transistors] 分类和应用:. 晶体 开关 晶体管 2N2222 SILICON NPN TRANSISTORS TO-18 CASE - MECHANICAL OUTLINE LEAD CODE: 1) Emitter 2) Base 3) Collector MARKING: FULL PART NUMBER ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS - Continued: (TA=25°C unless otherwise noted) 2N2221 2N2222 SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS MIN MAX MIN MAX hFE VCE=10V, IC=0.1mA 20 - 35 - hFE VCE=10V, IC=1.0mA 25 - 50 - hFE VCE=10V, IC=10mA 35. (HOT SALE) US $113.77 | Buy K-band Smart Millimeter Wave Sensor Radar Development Board Breathing Heart Rate Detection Smart Home Vital Signs From Merchant Electrochemical Experiment One-stop Shopping Store. Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Shop Quality & Best Kitchen Islands & Trolleys Directly From China Kitchen Islands & Trolleys Suppliers

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Transistor NPN 2N2222 PHILIPS milliampere=800 V=30 TO18. View Part Info. Downloa Product successfully added to your shopping cart . Quantity. Tota The transistor 2N2222 or 2N2222A are NPN types and has the following electrical parameters: The device's maximum voltage tolerance (breakdown voltage) across its collector and base is 60 volts for 2N2222 and 75 volts for 2N2222A, with the emitters kept open.; With their base open, the above tolerance across their collector and emitter leads is 30 volts for 2N2222 and 40 volts for 2N2222A 2N2222, 2N2222 datasheet pdf, 2N2222 data sheet, Datasheet4U.co

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2n2221a 2n2222a silicon npn transistors to-18 case - mechanical outline lead code: 1) emitter 2) base 3) collector marking: full part number electrical characteristics - continued: (ta=25°c) 2n2221a 2n2222

Texas Instruments's 2N2222 is trans gp bjt npn 30v 0.8a 3-pin to-18 in the bipolar transistors, gp bjt category. Check part details, parametric & specs and download pdf datasheet from datasheets.com, a global distributor of electronics components The 2N2222 is packaged in a metal can package known as a TO-18 package. The KSP2222 is an equivalent of the 2N2222 but is packaged in a plastic package known as a TO-92 package. Metal Can and Plastic Packaged Transistors Transistors Pins. Transistors have three pins called emitter (e), base(b) and collector(c). The way that a 2N2222, BC107.

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Apr 17, 2012. #8. And the maximum dissipation for a metal cased 2N2222A is 600mw. You are looking at the plastic varieties. When it comes to thermal conduction, metal always beats plastic. Many plastic 2N2222A are labeled PN2222A. It is also possible to glue very small heat sinks on a transistor to increase its wattage, say a small piece of. The sequential numbers run from 100 to 9999 and indicate the approximate time the device was first made. various things. For example, a 2N2222A is an enhanced version of a 2N2222. It has higher gain, frequency, and voltage ratings. Always check the datasheet. Examples: 1N4007, 1N914 (diode) and 2N2222, 2N3904 (transistors) History and origin. The JEDEC TO-92 descriptor is derived from the original full name for the package: Transistor Outline Package, Case Style 92. The package is also known by the designation SOT54 . By 1966 the package was being used by Motorola for their 2N3904 devices among others TR 2N2222. NPN General Purpose. TO-92 Package. hello, is 2N2222 and PN2222 are the same? Thank you. ( Zuhri Ashraaf, 02/06/2017 ) Hi, the behavior of these 2 components is same. The different might be on absolute max rating parameters. Anyway, you can 'google' the datasheet and compare 2N2222A manufactured by: NPN SILICON PLANAR SWITCHING TRANSISTORS. Others with the same file for datasheet: 2N2221A. Download 2N2222A datasheet from. Boca Semiconductor Corporation. pdf. 57 kb. Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose

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Le transistor 2N2222 est un petit transistor bipolaire NPN supportant jusqu'à 800mA et 30V. On peut l'utiliser en amplification ou en commutation (tout ou rien). Le transistor 2N2222 est en boitier métallique TO18. Complémentaire des transistors 2N2222 e Wireless Power Transfer Circuit. The simple wireless power transmission circuit is shown below. The required components of this circuit mainly include 20-30 magnet wire (gauge copper wire), A battery-1, transistor (2N2222) and LED. The construction of this circuit comprises a transmitter and a receiver

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2n2222 트랜지스터는 또한 고급 디지털 장치에 적용하기 전후에 신호를 조절하는 데 사용됩니다. 2n2222는 최초의 제품이지만, 원래 2n2222 트랜지스터와 동일한 기능 구성 및 동작 특성을 공유하기 때문에 총 2n2222 형 트랜지스터라고하는 여러 변형이 생성되었습니다 to-92 BC337, BC327, 2N2222, 2N907, 2N3904, 2N3906, S8050, S8550, A1015, C1815 ; These transistors have high dielectric strength, fast switching speed, large power dissipation, good current performance, a great choice for your electronic devices. Well packed and assorted in a plastic storage case, plastic box can be reused (You will be using a 2N2222 transistor so your data will be different.) ElectronicsLab14.nb 7. The battery was 9 volts and is the power supply in the lab. The fixed resistor is 1 kW while the variable resistor is actually several fixed resistors with the values indicted as RB in the table below. The fixe The 2N2222 is a common NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT) used for general purpose low-power amplifying or switching applications. It is designed for low to medium current, low power, medium voltage, and can operate at moderately high speeds I originally thought that I should be using the 2N2222's current gain to amplify the very small output values for easy measurement. Now I thnik @csabahu's use of the opAmp is a much better approach, because the opAmp should not load down output signals and also can easily adjust gain factors

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This is where power transfers to the LED through extremely fast switching action of the transistor, and was impressed with the performance of the old 2N2222 transistor. It was a general-purpose transistor in a TO-18 package, which looked like a metal can, and I remember using it to drive LEDs and relays back when I was a whippersnapper iodu.cti, dnc.. 20 stern ave. springfield, new jersey 07081 u.s.a. telephone: (973) 376-2922 (212) 227-6005 fax: (973) 376-8960 npn silicon planar switching transistors 2n2221 Nr. Part Name: Description: Manufacturer: 1: 0104-100: 100 W, 28 V, 100-400 MHz, balanced transistor: Acrian: 2: 0104-100: 100 W, 28 V, 100-400 MHz common emitter.

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Transistor Model: 10 Values, Include: A1015 PNP, BC327 PNP, BC337NPN, C1815 NPN, S8050 NPN, S8550 PNP, 2N2222 NPN, 2N2907 PNP, 2N3904 NPN, 2N3906 PNP. Package Quantity: 250pcs (Each model 25pcs), Packed in A Rugged Convenient Re-sealable Plastic Storage Case LM324 ATMEGA128 2N2222 PC817 LM339 LM741 MAX232 Transistor Diode Capacitor Displays Connectors Sensor 捷径 1-9 : 1N 1P 1S 2N 2P 2S 2W 3N 4N 54 54 6N 74 93 捷径 A-D : AC AD AM BA BC BD BF BT BU BY BZ CA CB CD CN CS CX DAC DBF DL DM DZ 捷径 E-K : ES FA FC FD FF FG FI FJ FM FP. 2n2222 are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for 2n2222 Re: .model 2N2222 NPN (IS=1E-14 VAF=100 LTSpice. « Reply #1 on: May 26, 2015, 10:48:15 pm ». They don't give SPICE parameters in datasheets. (Except when they do.) You have to look up the definitions for everything, and set up test cases in the simulator to produce a model fairly close to the real thing. Example: IS = saturation current Compared to the 2N3904 the 2N2222 is a larger (higher capacitance and maximum currents, lower saturation voltage at high currents), slower, considerably lower noise device. Cheers. Alex. Logged Find the best pricing for Multicomp 2N2222 by comparing bulk discounts from 3 distributors. Octopart is the world's source for 2N2222 availability, pricing, and technical specs and other electronic parts